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New! Sungold Group introduces three new sharpening machines. Get the product specs. HERE

New! Professional sharpening results depend upon professional sharpening abrasives and accessories --and Sungold Group has them! Check them out HERE

Just got promoted and have the responsibility to maintain cutting equipment, or need to set up a factory or farm sharpening station and don't know where or how to begin? Call Sungold for Technician Training?

TheCorru-Gator® Corrugated Edge Sharpening System is now available from Sungold Group.

Sungold Group has now added a Clipper Blade Sharpening and equipment repair course.

Sungold Group has now added a Nail Technician's Equipment Sharpening Course and two new machines to sharpen these special tools.

“Hello Jason, Tomorrow will mark the 8th anniversary of my training... This will mark the beginning of my 9th year in the most fantastic Business I could ever imagine. I am having more fun with it every week. Thank you for introducing me to this fantastic business.”

“I can only recommend that if you want to get into this business you are definitely talking to the best in the Business with Jason. Go for it with a passion and you will be successful”
T.R. Australia

“Jason I am so glad that I picked you as my instructor. I would rather have someone tell me all the wrong I am doing and then help me to do it right by your guidance.”
B.R. California, USA

Knife Sharpening System and Training

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The Art of The Fine Edge - Earn Top Dollar Providing Professional Sharpening.

Think About It...

What does a top heart surgeon at a famous university hospital, a top stylist at a major salon, and a world class chef at a renown four star restaurant have in common?

Professionally sharpened instruments and tools.

These professionals rely upon expertly sharpened cutting tools to practice their professions and the skilled technicians to maintain the cutting tools' fine edges.

There is an ever increasing demand for skilled sharpening professionals who can maintain precision cutting tools for the Medical, Culinary, Industrial and the Beauty professions. Make no mistake about it. Maintaining a fine edge on expensive professional and industrial tools is a serious business which can command Top Dollar in any market.

Learn professional sharpening from the best in the business.

Sungold Group Expert Sharpening Training For more than 25 years, Sungold Group has trained sharpening professionals who can tackle any kind of sharpening challenge. We will provide you with tools and expert training on all aspects of sharpening - from scissors sharpening to knife sharpening, medical sharpening and scalpel sharpening. And more importantly, we will give you back-up support. You can confidently launch your business knowing you have the resources of Sungold Group behind you.

Sharpening is both an art and a science. No matter what your experience or skill level, under the expert guidance of Master Sharpener Jason Pintel, Sungold Group will tailor an intensive one-on-one course to bring you up to speed Fast on all aspects of this exciting and profitable professional trade.

And most importantly, with the skills you will learn, you can take full control of your life. Work part time out of your home, or work full time and earn some really serious money.

If you are -

  • looking for a challenging and profitable professional trade,
  • like working with other professionals,
  • want to take complete control of how and when you work,
  • looking for a business with No Expensive Franchise Fees,
  • and want a "Turn-key Business Package" with complete training and all the equipment needed to start up a profitable professional business immediately -

You need to check this out!

Sharpening Technicians need training too!

Just got promoted and have the responsibility to maintain knives and professional cutting equipment, or does your organization need to set up a factory or farm sharpening station and don't know where or how to begin?

Let's face it, dull cutting tools cost time and money. In fact, they can be downright dangerous to use if not properly aligned and sharpened. Sungold Group will deliver a focused sharpening training course to fit your exact needs. Learn how to quickly and efficiently sharpen the professional cutting equipment your organization relies upon.

To learn more about what Sungold can do for your career, click here!

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