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“I can only recommend that if you want to get into this business you are definitely talking to the best in the Business with Jason. Go for it with a passion and you will be successful”
T.R. Australia

“Jason I am so glad that I picked you as my instructor. I would rather have someone tell me all the wrong I am doing and then help me to do it right by your guidance.”
B.R. California, USA

The Sungold Advantage.

knife sharpening, Knife sharpening system, knife sharpening business The Sungold teaching philosophy is to equip each student with both the skills and the tools to tackle any kind of professional sharpening job with confidence and skill that keeps clients coming back again and again.

There are many good sharpening systems available today, each with its own particular strengths and weaknesses. With proper training these system give excellent results for the specific applications they were designed for - But, if your sharpening job's requirements does not work well within that systems abilities, you are out of luck!

This is why the Sungold system includes FIVE "best of class" sharpening systems. In your training package you will receive five sharpening systems and extensive training on each system. You will learn which system works best for a particular sharpening task, and how to get the best results from each system.

Working in a small group of fellow students under the direction of Master Sharpener Jason Pintel, you will get lots of hand-on experience with each system and develop skill and confidence in its proper use.

"Thanks again for a great session... - it was all I had hoped for and a whole lot more - it's no wonder you draw students from around the world"
B.O. Colorado, USA

But even more important, with his extensive background as a master sharpener and a top stylist himself, Mr. Pintel takes a holistic approach towards sharpening. He begins by teaching you what a sharp edge is and the "physics" of sharpening an edge. Then you learn from Mr Pintel that a cutting instrument such as a pair of scissors is more than just a set of sharp edges, but a complex system of interacting parts. A professionally sharpened instrument must also be properly aligned and adjusted to work efficiently and smoothly.

It is Mr. Pintel's passion to teach his students how to both sharpen and adjust cutting tools to give them a quality feel and performance that only the top sharpening professionals can accomplish.

Finally, and most importantly, Mr. Pintel is personally committed to your success. Included with your training is six months telephone support and consultation. As you begin your career as a professional sharpener you can be confident that you have the support of the Sungold team behind you.

To learn more about the Sungold system and what is included in the extensive equipment and training package, click here.